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What We Do

Referred by Mental Health Professionals, CMHN provides discretionary funds for families in need of:


Transportation - Gas card assistance for families to bring children to and from mental health facilities, private practitioners and hospitals.


Camp scholarships - Funding for summer camps, adventure-lore programs, and other structured activities for those with unique medical/emotional needs.


In-Home Support Services - Funding Additional in-home support and community based services beyond insurance limitations.  This includes clinical services for those who have returned or are returning home from out-of=home care, psychiatric hospitalization or those at risk of placement due to mental health issues. 


 CMHN has also established a formal partnership with Seacoast Mental Health Center to fund:


Helping Hands Project: Offered through Child, Adolescent and Family Services (CAFS) at Seacoast Mental Health Center, Helping Hands provides enrichment activities, including school and other related supplies, to help children build a sense of competency and promote overall family stability.



CMHN will assist financially for professionals to attend training programs, including Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training (TCI developed by Cornell University.  


TCI The ability of the entire community to respond effectively to staff and young people in crisis situations is critical in establishing a safe environment that promotes growth and development. TCI training programs present a crisis prevention and intervention model designed to teach professional agencies, including schools and law enforcement, how to help children learn constructive ways to handle crisis.



TCIF One of the most critical tasks for family care providers is to teach children, who exhibit destructive and aggressive behavior, to manage their feelings of frustration, anger, and loss in more socially and developmentally appropriate ways.  Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Family Care Providers (TCIF) stresses crisis prevention and crisis de-escalation in ways that help children learn to avoid losing control. 


Donations Welcome

No amount is too small.  Please help the children, families and community work together and stay together. Join us in spreading awareness of the families' financial needs to obtain these services for their children by sharing our website with others.  Thank you!

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